How to manage Currencies

In this post, we will learn how to manage Currencies.

Currency is one of the most important parts of our e-commerce system. You can create as many currencies as you want and can manage them by status on/off.

Follow Ecommerce Settings > Currencies.

Here you can see the currency list. You can't Delete the currency or turn the status off. To set a currency to default follow Ecommerce settings > Settings > General.

Click Add Currency it will redirect you to the Add Currency page.

Name - Currency Name.

Symbol - Currency Symbol.

Code - Currency Code.

Exchange Rate with USD - Currency exchange rate with USA.

Currency Positions - Set currency position.

Thousand Separator - Currency thousand separator.

Decimal Separator - Currency decimal separator.

Number of Decimals - Currency decimal number after the decimal separator.

Status - Currency status to publish or not.

Now to edit or delete a currency click the three dots (.) from the actions column you will get the edit and delete link.

1. Click delete and confirm to delete a currency.

2. To edit a currency click edit and you will be redirected to another page.

Make the necessary changes and click Save to update the currency.